Small Kitchen Retrofit

Small Kitchen Retrofit – Making the most of 8 square metres

With very limited floor space available and with no scope for extension, the priority for this project was to make the most of what is available within the given space.
Taking inspirations from the interior configurations of the International Space Station, where physical space is extremely finite and every storage and work space available are treated with precious considerations. Every single surface and storage unit in the revamped kitchen were planned with purposes and configured based on a comprehensive analysis in order to maximise their efficiency supporting various kitchen activities and requirement. As a result, the renovated kitchen has 23% more counter-top surfaces and 43% additional storage volume when compared to previous layout – all these gains were achieved without increasing the existing building footprint.
The existing PVC window was replaced by a pair of custom-made, high performance composite windows, allowing additional storage units to be installed above. Taking reference from the “Cupola” window on board the International Space Station, the low & wide windows act as a picture frame, capturing the views of the neighbouring trees and garden, providing a better connection between the kitchen and the external space. The windows layout also minimises the late afternoon solar glare caused by the west-facing orientation of the property.
The kitchen interior was designed with functionality and practicality in mind. A careful combination of materials including Baltic birch ply, stainless steel, tempered glass and oil finished oak gave a rich-yet-calm expression to the otherwise minimalistic finishes. The horizontal lines are accentuated by the bold coloured counter-tops and the constellations-inspired, shimmering glass splashbacks, generating a much needed sense of spaciousness through subtle use of glass reflections and careful storage arrangement, removing unnecessary clutter from the working space.
The building fabric of the kitchen has also been overhauled; New external wall insulation and enhanced roof insulation made a substantial improvement to the building thermal performance, to the point that radiator is no longer required in the room. New skylight window brought in the much needed daylight into the kitchen room. As a result, the renovated kitchen has become the most environmentally comfortable space within the late Victorian property.

(Left to Right)  Kitchen – Before  | 3D visualisation of proposed design | Kitchen – After.